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Jagath Yaddessalage Nikapitiya

"Study of capabilities of electrowetting on dielectric digital microfluidics (EWOD DMF) towards a highly efficient thin-film evaporative cooling platform"

Year of Graduation: Aug 2013

Current Affiliation: Postdoctoral Fellow Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland,Canada

Shailesh Malla

"Experimental investigation of nucleate boiling and thin-film evaporation on enhanced silicon surface"

Year of Graduation: May 2014

Ajay Gurung

"Enhancement of Pool Boiling and Evaporative Heat Transfer using High Temperature Thermally Conductive Micro-porous Coatings"

Year of Graduation: Dec 2014

Current Affiliation: Mechanical Design Engineer at Applied LNG

Subin Mac George

"Electrowetting on Dielectric Digital Microfluidics for 3-Dimensional Cell Culture"

Year of Graduation: Dec 2014

Current Affiliation: Postdoctoral Associate at University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute

Govindraj Shreyas Bindiganavale

"Study of Hotspot Cooling for Integrated Circuits using Electrowetting on Dielectric Digital Microfluidic System"

Year of Graduation: May 2015

Current Affiliation: Product Development Engineer at AMD

Pavithra W. A. L. Wijethunga

"Droplet Based Liquid-Liquid Microextraction & Manipulation of Immiscible Liquid Droplets on EWOD DMF"

Year of Graduation: Aug 2015

Current Affiliation: Vision Engineer -Automation -LRC commercial products


Nitin Garg

"Controlled Vascular Cellular Growth by Microstructure Patterned Surfaces on Implantable Biodegradable Polymer Scaffold"

Year of Graduation: Fall 2009

Praveen Kunchala

"On-Chip Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Separation Using Digital Microfluidics"

Year of Graduation: Fall 2009

Shreyas Govindraj Bindiganavale

"Electrowetting on Dielectric (EWOD) Digital Microfluidics for Electronic Hotspot Cooling"

Year of Graduation: Fall 2009

Christopher Joseph Allen

"Magnetic Field Enhanced Thermal Conductivity Analysis of MagneticNanofluids"

Year of Graduation: Fall 2015

Ajinkya Shetye

"Experimental and Numerical Study of Marangoni Convection in a Sandwiched Droplet"

Year of Graduation: Spring 2016

Current Affiliation : Technical Sales Engineer at COMSOL


Luis Chuy

"Characterization of Liquid Crystal Thermography"

Rabin Bhandari

" Study on Alumium oxide as dielectric layer of electrowetting on dielectric device"

Madhavi M. Hemasiri

" Fabrication of Ag/AgCl reference electrode"

Arvind Sivaram

"Measurement of cut-off frequency of various liquids subjected to electrowetting"

Evan Knust

"The effect of surface patterning on cell growth on biodegradable and bio-implantable polymers"

Hans Landsberger

" Temperature control of PDMS microfluidic chamber for cell culture"

Jimmy Park

" Microfluidics for DNA injection of Celegans"

Nancy Prathoumvanh

" Microfluidic device fabrication using laser printers."